“I didn’t want it to look like a hospital bed”

As part of our bed customisation team, this is something Chantelle Stephen hears regularly, when a Distributor is specifying a bed for a customer. Fortunately we can help with that! Here at Caremed Alrick we specialise in customisation of beds for specific patients needs, and we love a challenge.
The customer involved in the spec was a teenager, who needed a floorline bed so he could be transferred at several different heights. However, he was adamant he didn’t want it to look like a hospital bed, and wanted something that fit in with the design of his room.

To suit the clients body proportion, Caremed Alrick can manufacture a bed with custom sections of the sleeping surface to provide more comfort for the patient. For example if the person has a long torso and short legs, we can lengthen the backrest section and shorten the kneebreak to provide ultimate comfort.
Not only were we able to customise the bed dimensions, but we were also able to offer a list of colour choices to Eden Healthcare for the Australian made EN9 bed – we powdercoat the frames at our factory right here in Lake Cargelligo. Alongside this, customers are able to choose between wooden, fabric or vinyl head and footboards… the options really are endless.

We were informed the colour spec was, “navy please”! We offer our distributors a Caremed Alrick brand box which contain samples of the materials, fabrics and colours we have available so the customer can choose the colours as close to a match as possible.
Navy powder coating on the bedframe was agreed, and then the panache headboard and footboard were chosen to complete the bed. The customer had the choice of a navy fabric or vinyl, and vinyl was chosen in Pacific colour. We also had low rising horizontal rails fitted to the side of the bed.
The bed was delivered directly to Eden Healthcare who delivered to their customer and they were so pleased with the result.

Eden Healthcare who spec’d the bed for the family involved said, “the customers were so impressed with the colour matching of the rails and frame to the headboard. It really doesn’t look like a hospital bed! We enjoy dealing with Caremed Alrick because they really listen to what is needed and produce high quality beds.”

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