Finding Nino….

We are so proud of our custom-made Nino beds for kids. Protection, but not at the expense of design.

Safe and secure

Our Nino’s allow children to perceive the world around them, whilst staying safe and secure in their bed. The transparent Perspex allows occupants to have an unrestricted view of their immediate surroundings yet still protects against falls and injuries.
The Nino has doors on one side, for easy access for both the carer and child, the sides are 750mm high. The bed has 125mm braking castors which can be central locked, and underbed lighting if you wish. The handset is backlit if it needs to be used at night whilst your child is asleep, and the safe working load of the bed is 200kg.


The bed can be hi or lo – the low position is 390mm and the high position of the bed inside is 830mm – taking into account the carers health too. We can tailor the bed to your needs – you can have doors on both sides if you wish, and a higher door if necessary.
With a backrest that angles to 70 degrees, and a knee of 44 degrees, this bed allows children to sit up and also receive treatment if necessary.

Choose you colours

And we powder coat in the colour of your choice. You can choose two colours from 12 options, but we can also pantone colour reference to the colour of the room if necessary – which we frequently do; only last month we powder coated a bed in hot pink!
We want this bed to be as useful and comfortable as possible, so if you have any key features that are necessary for the health of your child, or you need something a little different, please let us know here. We will do all we can to achieve your child’s dream bed.