Customising your Alrick bed, step by step

Customising your bed with Caremed Alrick really couldn’t be simpler – we have lots of options to choose from, but we make it as easy a process as possible.

1. Choose your Alrick bed

Firstly you need to choose your bed. What is suitable to your or your patients needs? What size do they need? Do they need an underbed light, does it need hi-lo options, how low to the ground does it need to go? All these aspects can be taken into consideration.
Added to this, we can customise it to you/your patients proportions. Most OT’s and Therapists when working with NDIS will customise a wheelchair, taking into account the patients specific measurements, so why would you not customise a bed too?
Then the patient isn’t regularly scotting down and lying in the wrong part of the bed – their hip joint is exactly where it should be – which reduces shearing – a regular problem if a patient spends a lot of time in bed and also enhances comfort for the patient in question.

2. What size?

We offer Single, King Single, Queen and Double sizes. In the last year, King Singles have overtaken Singles in popularity and we can see why. Take into account the space you have to play with. Do you / the patient have regular visitors who like to perch on the bed, or perhaps sit in the bed with you? If so – get a bigger bed!

3. Safe working load

When choosing the correct SWL on the bed, take into account the patients weight, but also all the accessories they might need that regularly hang off their bed. Then think about whether they have visitors regularly who sit on the bed – worth thinking about whether you have a chair next to the bed if there is room, or whether other people will be sitting on the bed for long periods of time.

4. Choose how it looks!
This is the fun part for many patients. We offer a wealth of different headboards and footboards on our beds.

Wood head and footboards
We have a number of styles available in wood – for both the headboard and footboard on the bed (if you want a footboard):
• Rylestone
• San Remo
• Kensington
• Eltham
These come in the following different wood colours, and we also produce bedside cabinets / lockers, chest of drawers and overbed tables in these styles. We can literally transform a room!

Fabric and Vinyl head and footboards
Then we have a number of fabric and vinyl headboard and footboard styles:
• Cambridge
• Princeton
• Brooklyn
• Panache
• Loft
• Jersey
• Plain
All of which can be found here. They have a number of colour options too. Choosing between fabric and vinyl is also important, vinyl is hardwearing and can be easily cleaned, but fabric is also hardwearing and can add gentle colour and texture to a room.

5. We make the bed!
Then its over to us to make the perfect bed and get it delivered to you as soon as we can. Our factory in Lake Cargelligo specialises in making beds for Distributors, Aged Care and individuals who have been through the NDIS process with a HCP.
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