Caremed Total Flow Max air mattress

Our Caremed Alrick Total Care air mattresses have been created to deliver a cost-effective solution for the prevention and management of pressure injuries in a nursing home or home care environment. Suitable for patients in a medium to high risk category, the mattresses are designed to alleviate discomfort, and minimise swapping of mattress surfaces.

Total Air technology explained
Constant auto pressure sensing takes place through an air sensor and micro-computer regulator to provide ultra low interface pressure and promote an even ambience for natural sleep patterns and stable blood circulation with a silent pump action.

Different solutions, one mattress
The most sophisticated of our Total Care mattresses, the Max is ideal for the very high-risk pressure sore category. It features a triple cell on cell feature with micro-reforated, nylon TPU, coated cells, alongside independently removable cells. The Total Air Flow Technology uses constant auto pressure sensing through the air sensor and regulator to provide ultra low pressure and promote an even ambience for natural sleep patterns and stable blood circulation with the silent pump action.

Heel zone aspect
The Total Care Max allows you to completely remove heel cells so the patient can be comfortable. It has 3 heel cells (depending on patients height) with one way vales, meaning the rest of the mattress works normally if the heel cells are removed or deflated.

General Total Care features:
The balanced air cells provide alternate pressure.
The air moves around the cells, gently and continually moving the patient so pressure sores are alleviated.
The pump is quiet and allows you to set a cycle air-time of 10, 15, 20 and 25 minutes. The pump is fitted to the bed with hanging brackets and there are both alternate and static modes on the pump control pad.
The cover on the Total Flow Max mattress is multi-stretch and vapour permeable PU. It is water resistant and machine washable and is anti-microbal with white underside and has a 360 degree zipper for ease of removal.

⭐ Width is 900mm and length 2000mm. The depth of the mattress is 200mm and the weight for moving is 30kg.
⭐ The mattress can take a max weight of 200kg.
⭐ The pump weight is 2.8kg, and air output is 8 litres/minute with a power consumption of 7W and comes with a remote control for minimal disturbance.
⭐ If there is an issue with low pressure, power failure or alternate failure, the panel has an audible and visible alarm.
⭐ Control panel lock to prevent unauthorised or accidental tampering.