A Nino bed, ideal for its occupant!

We have been making our customised Children’s Nino beds for over 8 years now.

The Nino was originally created to give everyone in the family a good nights sleep. We wanted to create a piece of equipment for children with complex individual needs, which had all the functions of a hospital bed – with head and foot functions, alongside Trendeleberg and enclosed sides. But we also wanted the bed to suit a room – so it really didn’t look like a hospital bed, and fits in with the look and feel of the child’s bedroom.
So this bed combines comfort, practicality and a bit of fun, with its 12 colour options for the family to choose from.

We recently manufactured a Nino for a three year old girl who has TPN-dependent Ultra Short Gut Syndrome. This means she receives her nutrition intravenously up to 16 hours a day. With its high Perspex sides, the bed will keep her safe at night – help preventing her from playing with or turning off the IV pump, and also allow the parents and healthcare professionals to treat her at a safe working height during the day if necessary.

Julia, who requested the bed, said “I chose the colours, and indeed the bed itself, as I wanted as much as possible to avoid her bed looking too ‘medical’. I wanted it to be bright and inviting, and appropriate for the bedroom of a young child. I wanted her bed to have more of a “cubby house” feel to it, so she would be happy having school friends see it. I didn’t want her to feel embarrassed by having a bed that looked more like an enlarged infant cot.”

Nino’s are one of our popular pieces of healthcare equipment; we regularly manufacture these beds. First the steel is selected and bolted together, then the colour is powder coated onto the frame. Next we add the Perspex, and then finally, we test, and test again. This is to make sure all the bed functions work correctly. The bed comes with a Linak electrical system with handset, and a 10 year frame warranty from Caremed Alrick.

Julia chose some bright colours for the Nino – she went for the primary colours of blue, red and yellow, and it looks amazing in the room!

Finally, we sent the bed out to our Distributor, Lightning Mobility, and they delivered it direct to the customer. Julia said, “We are very happy with the Nino bed’s appearance and more importantly, she is thrilled with her new bed”.

We love a happy ending! Click here to find out more about the Nino and options when ordering.

Below are the colour swatch options for the Nino bed.