Style & Décor

It has never been easier to create style and tranquility in any care environment with our range of fabric and timber headboards and footboards.

Classic and timeless fabrics from the Warwick Tritan range add sophistication, while wood laminates that range in colour from soft walnut to the darker shannon oak offer a more contemporary finish.

With a range of furniture designs to choose from — head & foot boards, wall mounted head board panels, bedside tables, tall boys — we can match and complement most existing furniture. If you have something specific in mind, simply send us a sketch or reference and we can create it.

Wall–mounted leather upholstered headboards add class to an already tranquil space.

We can easily take an array of existing design elements and integrate them into our products. Manufactured right here in Australia to our high standards and quality.

Headboard timber can be matched to existing furniture for seamless integration.

Timber head boards come in a range of styles, Kensington, Eltham, Rylestone and San Remo. Then you can choose your timber stain colour