Bariatric Care

The Alrick 2300 Series provides dignity and comfort for bariatric patients with it’s 300kg safe working load.

With new features such as the auto regression backrest, backlit handset and under-bed light it gives the ultimate comfort and safety to both patient and carers.

Available in a range of widths:
* King Single (1070mm)
* Extra Wide (1200mm)
* Double (1370mm)
* Queen (1500mm)
* King (1800mm)

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The Alrick 2400 Series Bariatric Tilt Bed provides the ultimate comfort for bariatric patients with its safe working load reaching 400kg.
With features such as 150mm Tente Twin Wheel Central Lock Castors it allows the large bed to be easily and safely maneuvered into position.

This bed is now available in King Single, Extra Wide, Double & Queen.

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The 8000 Series Companion bed allows two patients can be cared for in comfort and dignity. The back rests work independently.

It features electric hi-low, electric knee brake, and a 300kg working load. The actuators are heavy duty, ensuring efficient, reliable function, and are warrantied for five years. The steel bed frame is warrantied for ten years.

The 8000 Series bed is available in both Double and Queen size.

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The EN7 series bed is a universal bed that suits low care, high care and bariatric care.

The EN7 Alrick bed uses Linak motors and has no towers, making it far easier to see and check on the patient.

* Electric Auto Regression Backrest & kneebend
* Electric Forward & Reverse Trendelenberg
* Illuminating Handset
* Auto Chair position

Can be upgraded from 200Kg to 300Kg safe working load.

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Our Caremed Alrick Total PressureCare air mattresses are a cost-effective solution for the prevention and management of pressure injuries in a nursing home or home care environment.

Suitable for patients in a medium to high risk category, the mattresses are designed to alleviate discomfort, and minimise swapping of mattress surfaces.

Our Total PressureCare FlowPlus air mattress, has a safe working load of of 200Kg. The width is 900mm and length 2000mm.

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