Aged Care Solutions

The EN9 Alrick bed provides dignity and comfort whilst still being highly functional.

With features such as electric hi-lo, auto-regression backrest and kneebend, forward & reverse Trendelenberg
and auto chair position, this bed is highly versatile.
This bed has a number of style choices too, with wood, fabric and vinyl head and footboards.

Available in a range of widths:
* Single (920mm)
* King Single (1090mm)
* Double (1390mm)

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Our Caremed Alrick TotalFlow air mattresses have been created to deliver a cost-effective solution for the prevention and management of pressure injuries in a nursing home or home care environment.

The TotalFlow is suitable for patients in a medium to high risk category, and the mattresses are designed to alleviate discomfort, and minimise swapping of mattress surfaces. The balanced air cells provide alternate pressure – the air moves around the cells, gently and continually moving the patient so pressure sores are alleviated.

* Width is 900mm and length 2000mm.
* The mattress can take a max weight of 160kg.

Here at Caremed Alrick we offer a number of different Style Options.

From the modern San Remo to the sleek Kensington design, you can add bedside tables/lockers, tallboys and overbed tables in the same style, to make the room look even more inviting.

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The Neos 150 is a simple folding aluminium lift with a safe working load of 150kg.

Its quick release folding structure enables the hoist to be conveniently folded for storage and transfer.

The swivel feature of the detachable yoke allows a patient to be rotated through 360° at full lift height, thus making the carer’s job easier and safer.

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