Aged Care Solutions

The EN9 Alrick bed provides dignity and comfort whilst still being highly functional.

With features such as electric hi-lo, auto-regression backrest and kneebend, forward & reverse Trendelenberg
and auto chair position, this bed is highly versatile.
This bed has a number of style choices too, with wood, fabric and vinyl head and footboards.

Available in a range of widths:
* Single (920mm)
* King Single (1090mm)
* Double (1390mm)

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Our Caremed Alrick TotalFlow air mattresses have been created to deliver a cost-effective solution for the prevention and management of pressure injuries in a nursing home or home care environment.

The TotalFlow is suitable for patients in a medium to high risk category, and the mattresses are designed to alleviate discomfort, and minimise swapping of mattress surfaces. The balanced air cells provide alternate pressure – the air moves around the cells, gently and continually moving the patient so pressure sores are alleviated.

* Width is 900mm and length 2000mm.
* The mattress can take a max weight of 160kg.

Here at Caremed Alrick we offer a number of different Style Options.

From the modern San Remo to the sleek Kensington design, you can add bedside tables/lockers, tallboys and overbed tables in the same style, to make the room look even more inviting.

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We also offer fabric and vinyl headboards, for all our options, click here

We offer a wide range of accessories to enhance the every day living of residents from Self Help Poles, Cotside Protectors, Side rails and many more. We ensure every facility has the option to add accessories to each bed according to patient’s requirements. They are also a money-saving option as they can be installed or removed when needed. See more of our Accessories range here.

The pictured Combo Grab Handle provides Bedroom Safety. Any situation which affects your balance and strength, such as ear conditions, medical conditions, injury, frailness or ill health increases you risk of harm. The Combo Grab Handle provides assistance with sitting and standing can conserve energy, and further reduce the risk, of falls. A safety bed rail prevents you from rolling, or falling out, of bed. As a Handle, the secure support from the Bed Rail will allow easier
transfers and movement.